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My name is Brian and Pop Culture Crossing is my major foray into the world of online content creation. Pop Culture Crossing's material takes the form of reviews and awards predictions, namely of classic and contemporary movies and video games. Although I also enjoy comic books, cinema and video games are Pop Culture Crossing's primary and secondary pillars, respectively. 

Pop Culture Crossing's fundamental aim is to create a family-friendly, welcoming, and supportive community of people who have interests in, or want to learn more about: general pop culture, movies, video games, and comics. I hope that by reviewing recent and classic movies, you will be exposed to new and different types of film throughout the history of cinema, regardless of your preferences and tastes. Do not worry, video games and comic books will also be examined. New movie reviews, alternating weekly between contemporary and classic film, will be published on Tuesdays, while video game and comic book reviews will post on Thursdays as they are completed. 

In addition to serving as the place to browse and peruse the written content, the website serves as a hub for easily finding Pop Culture Crossing across social media, such as YouTube, Twitter, VidmeInstagram, and Gab. Due to the limited web-linking support of burgeoning social media platforms, the aforementioned list, combined with the social networks linked below, will help you stay in touch with Pop Culture Crossing. The most recent review is featured at the bottom of this page.

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